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Easy Loading Trailer Range

Trailers in this range:

Single bike easy loader

Double bike easy loader

Can-Am/Trike easy loader

Double Cruiser easy loader

Double quad easy loader

Triple super bike easy loader

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Car Trailer Range Standard Trailer Range

Trailers in this range:

Single axle Lotus 7 car trailer

Single axle standard car trailer

Double axle car trailer

Double axle wide race car trailer

Double axle 2.7 ton car recovery

Double axle 3.5 ton car recovery

Trailers in this range:

Double super bike trailer

Double quad trailer

Double dirt bike trailer

Triple dirt bike trailer

Golf cart trailer

Flat deck industrial/generator

Our Ground Zero range of car trailers have gone through weeks of design, testing and engineering as well as customer feedback. This ensures that what ever car you will be loading onto one of our trailers, you will have peace of mind that the vehicle is safe, the trailer meets all SABS and eNatis specification, the trailer will tow smoothly, it will also be quite easy to load, tie down and off load your vehicle. The fact that all of our car trailers are galvanised as standard, means that they last a lot longer that ordinary painted or powder coated trailers. Lastly, we think our trailers look nice, which shows that a lot of thought and design has gone into them.

We have a trailer for just about any vehicle you can think of. So long as the vehicle weighs less than 2900 kg, give us a call and we will gladly assist you with deciding on what trailer will best suit you and the vehicle you will be towing.